What will manufacturing look like in the future and how can we prosper and participate in high-value manufacturing in regional, national and international arenas? We invite you to explore what that future might be and the role that Victoria University of Wellington is playing in empowering a design-led high-value manufacturing region.

“Manufacturing our Future” supports Victoria’s eight, distinctive, multi-disciplinary themes which span the University and reflect Victoria’s position as New Zealand’s globally ranked capital city University. In supporting the strategic theme “Stimulating a design-led, highvalue manufacturing region” we are committed to nurturing the next generation of innovators in New Zealand’s creative Capital.

Manufacturing is changing rapidly and evolving in new ways. Increasingly, successful manufacturers are using combinational technologies such as cloud computing, nano materials, the internet of things, artificial intelligence and simulation; all of which impact significantly on the way their products are designed, manufactured and serviced. While this provides the technological background for the High-value Manufacturing theme, the notion of design-led provides a unifying driver across the platforms and a distinctive identity for the initiative that calls on our growing strength in Science-led technologies and design-led applications. It adds a human element to technology and with it an opportunity to make the most of everything that VUW has to offer; to empower high-value manufacturing with a wide multi-disciplinary and inter-organisational technological, commercial and cultural exchange.

Connecting VUW with Wellington’s internationally-established creative industries also provides a unique opportunity to develop new applications of the manufacturing technologies that will emerge from the initiative, as well as more compelling ways of configuring the data and services that are associated with high-value manufacturing.

These considerations form a distinctive identity for high-value manufacturing that can only emerge within the context of a creative and connected university in a creative and connected capital.

Manufacturing our Future includes a series of public and invitational events…

We are hosting two exhibitions:

Design Generation: how Peter Haythornthwaite shaped New Zealand’s design-led enterprise 

We expand on Peter Haythornthwaite’s legacy with a response from Victoria University of Wellington:

Future Design Generation: how Victoria Unviersity of Wellington will shape New Zealand’s future design-led enterprise

The exhibitions provide a framework for a series of public lectures and workshops for Victoria University participants, industry, policy makers and other research organisations to galvanise relevant areas of cross-disciplinary research capability in collaboration with external partners.

Invitational workshops:

The workshops are 2 hour strategy sessions aiming to expand our six founding research platforms to new audiences and aspirational horizons. The workshops will invite pan university participation as well as external engagement with key stakeholders from industry, government organisations and external research institutes.

Public lectures and panels:

A programme of public lectures and panel discussions will provide greater insights into the exhibitions as well as the challenges and opportunities that arise in empowering a design-led, high-value manufacturing region. 



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