The following team has contributed to Manufacturing our Future Exhibition, Public Presentations and Invitational Workshops

Strategic Oversight: The Steering group for the Strategic Theme: Stimulating a Design-led High-value Manufacturing Region.

We would also like to acknowledge the special contribution that Victoria University of Wellington, the Faculty of Science, Engineering, Architecture and Design, our industry partners and sponsors have made to these events.


Steering Group Chair - Simon Fraser
Comms & Marketing – Samantha Fisher
Enterprise Development - Brenda Lazelle
Assistant Curator, Web Design and Content Management – Ella Murphy
Faculty of Architecture and Design Curator – Tane Moleta
Faculty of Architecture and Design Technical Services – Mark Shaw
Administration – Selena Shaw


Mihi: Paul Meredith
Opening address: Grant Guilford – Vice Chancellor
Panel Discussion: Timothy Allen, Peter Haythornthwaite, Karl Johnstone, Victoria Spackman. Chair – Stephen Cummings
Guest Speakers: Peter Haythornthwaite, Karl Johnstone, Michael Smythe
Workshop Leads: Derek Kawiti, Marc Aurel Schnabel with Tane Moleta, Ross Stevens, Robin Dykstya, Alan Brent, Justin Hodgkiss


Design Generation:
Sponsors: Fisher & Paykel Appliances and Objectspace, with thanks to Queensberry.
Curator: Michael Smythe
Production: Objectspace with Peter Haythornthwaite.

Future Design Generation:
Sponsors: Victoria University of Wellington, NZ Product Accelerator, MedTech CoRE and CMDT
Curator: Simon Fraser
Assistant Curator: Ella Murphy

Web Design, Development and Content Management: Ella Murphy
Visual Communications: Nicole Hone

Communication and Marketing:
Samantha Fisher, Jess Mackenzie

Writing Team:
Editor: Edgar Rodriguez
Creative Writer: Petra Alsbach-Stevens
Copy Editor: Beth Thomas

Exhibition Display:
Technical Director: Tim Miller
3D Printing Assistant: Mark Bagley

Exhibition Platform Leads:
Ross Stevens with Bernard Guy, Robin Dykstra with Edgar Rodriguez, Marc Aurel Schnabel with Tane Moleta, Derek Kawiti with Selena Shaw, Thomas Nann and Alan Brent with Jeongbin Ok

Exhibition Themes:
Special thanks to industry partners - Fisher & Paykel Appliances, Nike Inc. USA, Allbirds, Goodnature, Hunter Safety Lab, UBCO, Pure Audio, Energiser

Koha Fabrication:
David Hakaraia

Technical Support:
Mark Shaw and technical support team

Student Volunteers:
Jacob Marsh, Maddy Hazelton, Christy Wells, Tony Ritthisri, William Zheng, Maryam Namini Mianji, Yejun Fu



Faculty of Architecture and Design, Victoria University of Wellington

04-463 6200