Future Design Generation features a diverse and unexpected range of technologies, manufactured products and prototypes emerging from VUW, the Wellington region and our global networks. It supports Victoria’s eight, distinctive, multi-disciplinary themes which span the University and reflect Victoria’s position as New Zealand’s globally ranked capital city University. In supporting the strategic theme “Stimulating a design-led, high-value manufacturing region” we are committed to nurturing the next generation of innovators in New Zealand’s creative Capital. 


The exhibits reflect the founding research platforms that make up the Design-led High-value Manufacturing theme, such as Smart Health Device Technologies, Intelligent Cities, Distributed Clean Energy, the 4D printing Empowered University, Digital Technologies for Indigenous Communities and Design for Scientific Instrumentation. Each platform draws on internal research expertise that is strategically aligned with regional strengths and partnerships, thereby triggering each platform to grow global niches of research and teaching excellence attractive to students, researchers and industry partners alike.  


While distinctive in their own right, collectively the platforms facilitate a unique and richer understanding of high-value manufacturing by expanding the traditional technological and economic focus to include social and cultural values, particularly Mātauranga Māori and Pasifika value sets. The exhibition expands further on this cultural perspective by reflecting on our national design heritage and the growing tradition for design-led entrepreneurship, all of which conspire to redefine high-value manufacturing, and our place in it, in new and all-inclusive ways.

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